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New Profile Posts

  1. DEADLY1
    DEADLY1 here. Looking for active clan. Im lvl 172 in solo, I have lvl 20 business in multi.
  2. Arkade
    Anyone got any idea on how to calculate your PSU?
    1. Xena
      WTF is PSU?
      Jun 21, 2020
  3. wes
    wes Xena
  4. Arkade
    Arkade NeoCHI
    Dear fellow players, please refrain from posting here. NeoCHI has been absent for a long time, and it will take a miracle for him to become online.
    1. Xena
      I believe in miracles. Where you from, you sexy thing ?
      A little hot chocolate for ya.
      Damn I sound like Arkade. LOL
      May 27, 2020
  5. Ddownphilly
    and y that big ahole chasing me out of red everytime howd the hell am i supposed 2 play
    1. ucan
      You mean the big one ? Hes most likely to come in red and orange zone ( forest ) or red zone in stone map. All you can do is just switch to other map to farm . Or you can go to closest map and go back to there again
      Jun 6, 2020
  6. Ddownphilly
    yo im dressed like a raider y aint they helping mei n the prison sewer!? got the mask, denim jeans and boots somthin missing?
    1. ucan
      I think you mean that npc raider? They are bots, so most likely they just going to attack you ( because they are designed to attack any player ) . Unless its the dealer, farmer and ect
      Jun 6, 2020
  7. yatendra singh
    yatendra singh
    I am a game lover and like unreal engine for game development
    1. ucan likes this.
    I'm interested on helping. I'm lvl 209 (the form only fits 2 numbers, it must be changed)
  9. Areks14
    I already found materials but I need to go to the bosses
  10. Areks14
    I’m searching for active people to finish the sector 7
  11. Areks14
    I’m level 209 mu user is Areks #8651
  12. Tess Seaward
    Tess Seaward
    Locked up in jail . Hatchet broke . Now what
  13. Ansh Patel
    Ansh Patel
    Level 209 username CR7 #8269
  14. SSPython
    Some of you guys may wonder how the heck i have a kevlar suit while I'm level 46, it's not by level it's by the resources and luck you have.
    1. ucan
      Kevlar suit ? I found some of them in some event. Yeah it was our luck. And its up to where we re searching it . gz
      Apr 17, 2020
  15. Archre
    killing dead foolz like a boss
  16. kinG2s
    kinG2s NeoCHI
    pls help me I have a problem about the dog feeder even how much food i put, it justndoenst register. I have a video proof if you want
    1. kinG2s
      its v.1.16.4 i had the problem since march 31, 2020 and i cant gow my puppy now
      Apr 2, 2020
    2. Scarecrow
      NeoCHI hasn't been on for over a year. This is a fan based forum so we can't help much. If the problem persists then contact kefir support. (go to settings in game and press support)
      Apr 3, 2020
  17. method
  18. Adam2020
    Hi I made a new clan " maroc_20 " feel free to be a member
  19. Priyanshi Mehta
    Priyanshi Mehta Ryan Rodriguez
    Join my clan? MumbaiArena
  20. SullenBeauty
    SullenBeauty Joel#9636
    I sent you a clan and friend invite....you were offline