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New Profile Posts

  1. EmperorA
  2. BlueDreams
    Lvl 105. Woot and stuffs!
  3. Andy
  4. ÉL CruzZ
    ÉL CruzZ
    to add me, try eL-CruzZ ~ 8461 or try EL-CRUZZ ~ 8461
  5. Geordielass
    Geordielass Deeman
    Thanks deeman, my first friend on here lol
    1. Deeman likes this.
  6. Geordielass
    48 year old female, loves ldoe, I’m currently on level 106, looking for friends :)
  7. BlueDreams
    BlueDreams#3094 if anyone wants to add me. :)
  8. BlueDreams
  9. Deeman
    Nothing you can do
  10. Deeman
    Yup happened to me as well
  11. juicekopu
  12. Pamela Williams-Oloche
    Pamela Williams-Oloche
    What do you do when your body is on the green out screen!
    1. juicekopu likes this.
  13. Pamela Williams-Oloche
    Pamela Williams-Oloche NeoCHI
    I'm down because i just died with 19 coupons and 2 glocks on the exit grounds of bravo. I was literally on the green. So now when i go back my body is there but as soon as i walk to it I screen out. I'm screwed I'm like so annoyed.
  14. Lefteris24
    Lefteris24 Shandemo
    Are you really level 8?
    1. Shandemo
      No.. I just haven't updated it
      Feb 7, 2019
  15. Lefteris24
    Lefteris24 Shandemo
    Are you really level 8?
  16. Lefteris24
    EAGLE2EYEZ Survivalist
    I need your help, please.
  18. Chopo #6639
    Chopo #6639
    Add me as a friend Chopo#6639
  19. SzinNapalm
    SzinNapalm NeoCHI
    Hey I'm interested in growing the community what do you have in mind?
  20. EvaneeLee
    Newbie here~