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New Profile Posts

  1. Neboshte32
    (neboshigc03@yahoo.com)Buy Real NEBOSH in South Korea, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabi
  2. Na_dia
  3. Arkade
    Forum's dead. You probably wont find anyone online rn.
  4. vipul singh
    vipul singh Survivalist
    sir , i was playing on an emulator but one day i logged in a mobile device with that same account but when i logged in there i was showing of level 1 but my level was 88 and now when i open emulator it shows me on level 1 only. i have lost my whole progress till yet . please help me out
  5. Bakedfire
    A noob Apprentice
  6. Wonderingblackfire
    Wonderingblackfire Survivalist
    Hello, hopefully you me. I activated the first watch tower and opened up the police station, wooded foothills and frosty back woods. However now I no longer have the wooded foothills or frosty backwoods. Do you know how I can get them back?
    1. Xena
      If you only opened one tower then you have to open the other one. The one over by the PD opens up the police station and the other one up by the farm opens up the northern zones.
      Feb 15, 2021
  7. Metal422life
  8. Abhimanyu Mahereya
    Abhimanyu Mahereya Ishtvaan
    Hello sir can you help me to restore my progress when I click on restore button then game is loading for while please help me
  9. Abhimanyu Mahereya
    Abhimanyu Mahereya NeoCHI
    I can't restore my progress anyone please help me
  10. Abhimanyu Mahereya
    Abhimanyu Mahereya
    I can't restore my progress please help me
  11. Abhimanyu Mahereya
  12. Ingrid Rosa
    Ingrid Rosa
    new player looking to be the best!
  13. Ashlie Marie
    Ashlie Marie
    need information on raiders and other important things mostly just people to talk to lol
  14. Spectre
  15. Arkade
    Playing Minecraft.
  16. Edun Stephen
    Edun Stephen NeoCHI
    Please how can I restore my lost data
  17. DEADLY1
    DEADLY1 here. Looking for active clan. Im lvl 172 in solo, I have lvl 20 business in multi.
  18. Arkade
    Anyone got any idea on how to calculate your PSU?
    1. Xena
      WTF is PSU?
      Jun 21, 2020
      Arkade likes this.
    2. Z Killer
      Z Killer
      Power supply unit in PC. No idea how to calculate.
      Aug 8, 2020
      Arkade likes this.
  19. wes
    wes Xena
  20. Arkade
    Arkade NeoCHI
    Dear fellow players, please refrain from posting here. NeoCHI has been absent for a long time, and it will take a miracle for him to become online.
    1. Xena
      I believe in miracles. Where you from, you sexy thing ?
      A little hot chocolate for ya.
      Damn I sound like Arkade. LOL
      May 27, 2020