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New Profile Posts

  1. Mason.Plate
    R.I.P. XXXTentacion
  2. Mason.Plate
  3. Johntl079
    Johntl079 Drop.Dead
    Unknown box prizes are bullshit!
  4. Ms Mittens
    Ms Mittens NeoCHI
    Hi, I saw your message about joining a high ranking level of players.

    I’m currently lvl99 or atleast I have been for almost a year now.

    I’ve activated almost every aspect of the game that I’m aware of to this stage tho I’m still upgrading my walls

    Anyways I hope your interested and are open to letting me join :)
  5. Drollaria
  6. The Feral
    The Feral
    mamaan ilo kaenus
  7. Johntl079
    Johntl079 Drop.Dead
    This game does cheat a bit!!
    1. Drop.Dead likes this.
    2. Drop.Dead
      I know,just had to wait two days for bunker Alpha to reset,preying i get the final gas tank for the chopper
      Jun 15, 2018
    3. Johntl079
      I still need a gas tank and 2 wheels! Bullshit!
      Jun 15, 2018
    4. Drop.Dead
      I managed to find two wheels by getting to drops fast and searching all boxes in forests that are red
      Jun 16, 2018
  8. Drop.Dead
    Drop.Dead NeoCHI
    Hey, id be interested in helping,i recently restarted my LDOE
    1. Mason.Plate likes this.
  9. Drop.Dead
    I mean i would if i could get the damn gas tank
  10. Drop.Dead
    Get to da choppa!!
  11. Drop.Dead
    Bunker A can suck my ass
  12. Drop.Dead
    its so annoying when someone tries to kill me when im in full armour and they only have a baseball bat, like mate ya gals got the big hammer
  13. Drop.Dead
    Ugh leveling up takes forever
  14. @VDA49
    @VDA49 Rowdy1418
    Hey, my gunsmith table is not working even after completing it..it shows would open some day soon what is the problem
  15. @VDA49
    @VDA49 Iyzo
    Hello lyzo, my gunsmith table is not working even after completing it..it shows would open some day soon
    1. Iyzo
      Gunsmith used to give Gun parts from guns, now we have recycler so we can get gun parts from it. Gunsmith is of no use for now but it'll have purpose in the future for modding guns and weapons in a more diverse way.
      Jun 10, 2018
  16. @VDA49
    @VDA49 Survivalist
    Hey Survivalist, why doesn't my gunsmith table work even after finalized
  17. Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf
    Been alive for two weeks...
  18. chill_will
  19. Montana
    Enjoying the game but only a few things missing that i wait for soo long
  20. Carl Ashley
    Carl Ashley NeoCHI
    Hey guys,been playing this game for a while seem to be getting nowhere is it time to quit!!!!!