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New Profile Posts

  1. Grace
  2. Z Killer
    Z Killer Grace
    I don't raid, stacked 8 of c4, all good old, more than a year old items but still works. Happily want to give them to you.
    1. Grace likes this.
    2. Grace
      Yes, pleaseeeee. I started going on raids and have subsequently burned through my previously healthy stash of C4. It really *is* a rare commodity. T.T
      Jul 13, 2019 at 7:02 PM
      Z Killer likes this.
    3. Grace
      I have zero C4 atm... -_-
      Jul 13, 2019 at 7:03 PM
      Z Killer likes this.
  3. Z Killer
    Z Killer Dredd Shot
    How can this happen, 3 months of stuff? :O Don't bring so much with you.
  4. Z Killer
    Z Killer NeoCHI
    Hi, please answer we are worried you are offline for half a year. Who pays for the domain name? How long this domain will last?
  5. Grace
    Can’t tell if I’ve hidden my C4 stash really, really well... or if I’ve used them all. -_-
    1. WhiteFeather1x
      I ran into that problem while raiding a couple weeks ago, had to wait for bunker alpha to reset for red crate and floppy disk. Was quite sad lol
      Jul 12, 2019 at 1:06 PM
  6. ICKY
    Hi i am playing every day for about 13 hours on the day and i am on level 138. I am on server 1 and my acc ICKY #7758
  7. Deep Khem
    Deep Khem Dredd Shot
    heart breaking - i always use the look around option to see who the enemy is, and use guns only for frenz n savage.. sorry for ur loss !
  8. nytro35
  9. Chasing_Red_Tickets
  10. Dredd Shot
    Dredd Shot
    Lost gear that took 3 months to acquire at bunker alpha because Frenzied Giants one punch me with any set of armor. Died again :(
  11. WhiteFeather1x
    Woohoo! Just unlocked Sector 7 yesterday and only need 4 more connecting rods for my acid bath! Mastered the wall trick also, saves guns!
  12. RAIN
  13. RAIN
  14. WhiteFeather1x
    Just noticed they add more slots for weapon mods, join my clan,on the game a lot TRU WARRIORS, only 7 connecting rods away from my acid bath
  15. WhiteFeather1x
    Whoohoo! Unlocked hacker skill, just to find out I can not use it lol. On a better note, unlocked quick step at level 120
  16. WhiteFeather1x
    So the first time I am able to go to the frozen Forrest or whatever. I crafted all the gear for it and was loaded out. Then I die. Lost all
  17. WhiteFeather1x
    Join my clan in server 1 TRU WARRIORS, I am level 110. My name is WHITEFEATHER #7365
  18. Atheist Antichrist
    Atheist Antichrist
    If your parents are zombies, is it wrong to kill them?
    1. Ishtvaan
      Depends. If you mean zombies like never getting out of their home, brainlessly watching TV all day and never reacting to anything ... then yes, it is wrong.
      If we are talking about the undead type, then no.
      Jun 24, 2019
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  19. QueenDee2019
    Looking for new friends
  20. Roechris