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New Profile Posts

  1. Aarav
  2. Michael Caceres
    Michael Caceres
    Looking to recruit people that play every day I’m willing to help any survivor out there 10 to be exact
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    2. Aarav
      Server ??
      Feb 18, 2020 at 6:02 AM
    3. Aarav
      I m online daily
      Feb 18, 2020 at 6:08 AM
  3. saeid z
    saeid z
    Thanks but I don't know which part of the email to send! I just posted on Facebook!
  4. Z Killer
    Z Killer
    " you can always tap the "Support" button in the game settings and ask our support team your question."
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  5. Z Killer
  6. saeid z
    saeid z Z Killer
    my game level was 104, after opening the game my game level became once 81!!!!!!!
    what do i do????
    help me please
  7. Z Killer
    Z Killer
    "Everything has been said before There's nothing left to say anymore When it's all the same You can ask for it by name"
  8. Z Killer
    Z Killer
    Farewell song to Ldoe from Marilyn Manson
  9. Red crow
  10. Arkade
  11. Sandeep kumar
    Sandeep kumar
    I uninstall this game. No fun for playing alone
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  12. Z Killer
    Z Killer Raudd
    My Hungarian friend, nice to meet you
  13. Kbaker5683
    Anybody online?
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    2. Sandeep kumar
      Sandeep kumar
      Feb 5, 2020
  14. Sandeep kumar
    Sandeep kumar Grace
    Add me, i have no friends
  15. Sandeep kumar
    Sandeep kumar
    My id is SANDEEP47#4409 Add me. I need friends
  16. Kbaker5683
    The game is getting boring, without anyone to play with. Send me friend requests!
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    2. Sandeep kumar
      Sandeep kumar
      Tell me your id. So i can send you request
      Feb 5, 2020
    3. Kbaker5683
      Feb 5, 2020
      Aarav and Sandeep kumar like this.
    4. Sandeep kumar
      Sandeep kumar
      Feb 5, 2020
  17. Görkem Efe ÇATLI
    Görkem Efe ÇATLI
    #Arkamdan Konuşmayın, Kıçım Size Cevap Veremez, Konuşmak İstiyorsanız Mikrofon Önde . . . !
  18. TOBI
    Hi guys I'm an active & experienced player in need of active clan members....hit me up if you would like to join
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    2. Sandeep kumar
      Sandeep kumar
      I want, send me a request
      Feb 5, 2020
  19. Chang6794
    I'm only level 42 and in need of tools to build choppee
    1. Scarecrow
      You cannot trade/give items even when you are in a clan. The only form of multiplayer is Sector 7. Sector 7 has nothing to do with items in the main world.
      Jan 30, 2020
  20. Chang6794
    Someone online now? Please add me to your clan or group
    1. TOBI
      Do you still need a clan?
      Feb 1, 2020