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New Profile Posts

  1. Silko
    Silko NeoCHI
    I've only just registered on here and saw that you are looking for players that are experienced in last days on earth to contribute to this site, so I'll be gladly happy to help.
    I've been level 99 for about 3 months now and still actively playing everyday.
    I've already managed to achieve the police bike
    *Entire level 3 base with 2 steel rooms
    *3 different choppers

    Can't really say much but I'll help contribute
  2. Wellpell
    Wellpell Digits
    Is there any advantage/reason to upgrade radio tower to level 3?
    1. Xena
      The only reason, at least right now, is to create a clan.
      Dec 13, 2018 at 2:12 PM
  3. Randy Zimbo
    Randy Zimbo
    Any other survivors from Zimbabwe?
  4. Ipshi
  5. Randy Zimbo
    Randy Zimbo
    Live . Die . Repeat.
  6. BlueRigel
    Add friend, BlueRigel #5400
  7. .Misfit.
    The xmas tree sucks :)
    1. Bdafreak
      Yea i wasted alot of shit to get it all iv got has been junk
      Dec 8, 2018 at 4:46 PM
  8. mrboobs
    mrboobs NeoCHI
    I also have a proem with server 2,i cant connect any more,one momment i was in the game,the game stuck and after restart i cant connect any more
  9. mrboobs
    I just played the game one momment the game was stuck i restarted itt and from then i cant connect any more
  10. mrboobs
    Stuckat loading screen
  11. mrboobs
    I also cant connect to server 2
  12. Siri
    Siri NeoCHI
    Seam to be a problem with server 2, anyone who has an update?
  13. eSeGx3
    eSeGx3 Iyzo
    Do you know how I can join a clan? I'm active on this game daily for hrs at a time til my phone dies so I need crew members, some help .
    1. Iyzo
      What can I say I used have a huge Clan with a lot great members, nevermind if you're interested in all thehelp and information about LDOE and need a Clan please join official LDOE server in Discord, you'll get everything you need related to the game, also you'll get options of joining many Clans.
      Nov 30, 2018
  14. Watchmerocknroll
    Looking for friends
  15. Apollinaris
    join my clan: Citizen Z, open to all ( to z killers, that is :p ).
  16. PainMakier
    I am looking for friends. I am level 99. PainMakier #5377
  17. Dingaling
    Looking for friends in game. Dinglaberry #6667
    1. Askari
      I'm also looking for friends in the game
      Nov 27, 2018
  18. Randy Zimbo
    Randy Zimbo luisoman2000
    Thank you. was wondering. my wife also wants to join the fun but phone is not compatible.
  19. Randy Zimbo
    Randy Zimbo luisoman2000
    How did you have 2 accounts for ldoe, were they on the same device?
    1. luisoman2000
      I used another Gmail account. I did it when I lost my progress, and it is a pain to play 2 accounts on the same device.
      Nov 26, 2018
  20. Randy Zimbo