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Dec 10, 2018
Jul 21, 2017
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Congrats Z Killer for making mod! Mar 20, 2018

NeoCHI was last seen:
Dec 10, 2018
    1. kinG2s
      pls help me I have a problem about the dog feeder even how much food i put, it justndoenst register. I have a video proof if you want
      1. kinG2s
        its v.1.16.4 i had the problem since march 31, 2020 and i cant gow my puppy now
        Apr 2, 2020 at 8:26 AM
      2. Scarecrow
        NeoCHI hasn't been on for over a year. This is a fan based forum so we can't help much. If the problem persists then contact kefir support. (go to settings in game and press support)
        Apr 3, 2020 at 2:30 AM
    2. William willma
      William willma
      Games says to update the game. But when i try to do it Apple store sas it doesnt have one. Tried reinstalling it but same thing happened. you can help please?
      1. BombenLP likes this.
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      3. Scarecrow
        Neochi has not been on for a very long time. This is a fan-based forum so we cannot help much. Either contact Kefir support for help or your device might be too old to get the next update.
        Jan 28, 2020
      4. TyShane92
        Im having the same exact thing happening to my wife and i and we are on android please let me know of any changes
        Feb 13, 2020
      5. kinG2s
        im an Android user too. the support accussed me of hacking instead. i have contacted a lot of people from from discord to help. they are saying that it might be resolved next update. currently i have a raider task that needs to grow a puppy, so frustrating especially when theres nothing to do in this quarantibe period.
        Apr 2, 2020 at 10:41 PM
    3. Strider
      what if the all the weapons and armour that they never stack and neither crafted or founded in crates and events? All of your exception of coming out of repair station, use of wardrobe for clothes or armour, and the use of weaponsstand for storing all of your weapons that you can finalize it? Pety expensive and looting in dangerous zones to find it or you find the repair to restore the weapons and armor.
      1. Scarecrow
        NeoCHI has been offline for a long time. This is a fan-based forum with nothing do to with the creator of the game.
        Jan 11, 2020
    4. Wraith
      I just made a new acc cause I wanted to start over and now I don't have the default base that you get for some reason. Can you help me?
      1. Strider likes this.
      2. Scarecrow
        NeoCHI has been offline for a long time. I don’t know why that would happen but the starter base isn’t much anyway. Just grind the zones a bit and rebuild your home.
        Jan 11, 2020
    5. Alpha_Cerberus
      I need an active clan
      1. Sandeep kumar
        Sandeep kumar
        Add me SANDEEP47#4409
        Feb 5, 2020
    6. Cori
      Why can't I place my gun smith bench?! I put my stone working bench and my wood working bench and it STILL let me!!!
      1. Xena
        1. Neo hasn’t been here for almost a year.
        2. If you have a question ask in the forum.
        3. To answer your question, you can’t build a gunsmith bench because you start with one already in your base and can only have one.
        Nov 19, 2019
      2. ucan
        or maybe have you upgrade your floor ?
        Nov 20, 2019
    7. Kocio
      You know why it is so much harder to get weapons from survivors?
      1. Arkade
        NeoCHI's been absent for quite a while. It'll take one hell of a miracle for him to be online.
        Nov 6, 2019
    8. BrodyTheBear
      Hey, I’ve been playing for well over a year now and I’ve recently reached level 200. I’ve taken down a lot of notes and made my own guide full of tips for the game. I’d love to help the forum and share what I know and also learn as much as I can about the game.
    9. Achmad riffai
      Achmad riffai
      Aku saat ini sedang berjuang untuk bangun senjata
    10. The Professor
      The Professor
      Hey Everybody. I’m a level 166 and been playing the game for awhile now. Let me know if you need help with anything
      1. Preston Staniforth
        Preston Staniforth
        Hey I need some friends if u want could u friend me at PRESTON3347
        Aug 19, 2019
    11. hamza hafeez
      hamza hafeez
      how can i transfer my acc from an android to a ios ipad but still keep my progress on the android
    12. arafat
      hey brother my level is 119 add me on your clan arafat6323
    13. Mike Raw
      Mike Raw
      Hey, im mike. I been playing the game since it came out. I stopped playing for a few months but im back. I can help with whatever is needed. My lvl is 118. Get back to me if anything
    14. Z Killer
      Z Killer
      Hi, please answer we are worried you are offline for half a year. Who pays for the domain name? How long this domain will last?
      1. BrodyTheBear likes this.
    15. RyusGirl024
    16. Ishtvaan
      because they won't be answered as he is inactive.

    17. FedFed
      Can i know if i already took free version of survival guide reward from level 1 to level 15 , now i buy the full version, i still can get the reward the reward of full version from level1 to level15?
      1. Ishtvaan
        Please use the search bar in the forum for this question
        May 20, 2019
    18. DNardoc
      I've been interested from the very beginning in expanding my home site and when I click on the walls in the construction window, it doesn't seem to give me any option to place the walls where I want? I've tried taping, sliding, holding my finger down, I've tried placing it where I DON'T want it to see if I can move the wall.... Nada. If there's any help available that would be awesome!!
      1. Xena
        You can’t move walls once built, they can only be destroyed. To build new you need the material in your inventory then go into build mode and pick what you want to build and then click where you want it.
        May 12, 2019
      2. black bedude
        black bedude
        And dont forget to build floor first
        May 16, 2019
      Howdy, just curious if the 3 skill options can be slightly modified? If I'm maxed on a skill, it shouldn't be an option I wouldn't think. I've gotten 2 maxed skill options the last several times which then forces me to use the point for a lesser priority skill. Thank you and this is the only game I've kept over the years, outstanding job!
      1. Xena
        1. Neo hasn’t been here for a long time, so if you want a question answered then create a thread for it.
        2. When the 3 skills come up to choose from the number it shows is what level you will be, so if it says max that means if you pick it you will be maxed after your choice.
        May 12, 2019
        Ishtvaan likes this.
    20. Henry hart
      Henry hart
      Hello friend Please help me with a tip to save my game. I mean my data I already lost my game before because I don't know how to save it. I bought a new phone then I lost my previous game data.
      1. Rita
        There is a small gear at the top right in the corner, tap it and then look down you will see a small console like game , as well as a *connect* word press it and you should be able to save it on google play games if it's an androis, not how sure it works on ios.
        Apr 29, 2019
      2. AdamTiW
        If you have old device there's option to restore your old account on you're new phone
        May 8, 2019
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