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Apr 6, 2020
Jul 21, 2017
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Congrats Z Killer for making mod! Mar 20, 2018

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Apr 6, 2020
    1. FedFed
      Can i know if i already took free version of survival guide reward from level 1 to level 15 , now i buy the full version, i still can get the reward the reward of full version from level1 to level15?
      1. Ishtvaan
        Please use the search bar in the forum for this question
        May 20, 2019
    2. DNardoc
      I've been interested from the very beginning in expanding my home site and when I click on the walls in the construction window, it doesn't seem to give me any option to place the walls where I want? I've tried taping, sliding, holding my finger down, I've tried placing it where I DON'T want it to see if I can move the wall.... Nada. If there's any help available that would be awesome!!
      1. Xena
        You can’t move walls once built, they can only be destroyed. To build new you need the material in your inventory then go into build mode and pick what you want to build and then click where you want it.
        May 12, 2019
      2. black bedude
        black bedude
        And dont forget to build floor first
        May 16, 2019
      Howdy, just curious if the 3 skill options can be slightly modified? If I'm maxed on a skill, it shouldn't be an option I wouldn't think. I've gotten 2 maxed skill options the last several times which then forces me to use the point for a lesser priority skill. Thank you and this is the only game I've kept over the years, outstanding job!
      1. Xena
        1. Neo hasn’t been here for a long time, so if you want a question answered then create a thread for it.
        2. When the 3 skills come up to choose from the number it shows is what level you will be, so if it says max that means if you pick it you will be maxed after your choice.
        May 12, 2019
        Ishtvaan likes this.
    4. Henry hart
      Henry hart
      Hello friend Please help me with a tip to save my game. I mean my data I already lost my game before because I don't know how to save it. I bought a new phone then I lost my previous game data.
      1. Rita
        There is a small gear at the top right in the corner, tap it and then look down you will see a small console like game , as well as a *connect* word press it and you should be able to save it on google play games if it's an androis, not how sure it works on ios.
        Apr 29, 2019
      2. AdamTiW
        If you have old device there's option to restore your old account on you're new phone
        May 8, 2019
    5. TylerJBzombies
      New Member

      I'm lvl 50 on last day on earth and I never got the call from the raiders on the radio I'm thinking it's due to the fact that when we start the game 1.11.11 it comes with a radio already plased on the ground and all we half to do is build it so it doesn't count that we placed a radio and that's why raiders won't call. That's my guess can anyone help
    6. AzeemaSheikh2678
      I'm azeema from india
    7. AzeemaSheikh2678
    8. Atheist Antichrist
      Atheist Antichrist
      Hey, I've played LDoE for awhile. I've reached level 67 or above on previous game accounts. I recently restarted and am lvl. 36 on my female avatar.
    9. andrea L Kosner
      andrea L Kosner
      how do u make chest for gunsmithing table please help
      1. Xena
        Neo hasn’t been on for a long time, any questions should be asked in forum (if you want an answer).
        Build small box, place it, go to it and open then in top right corner use the upgrade to make chest, go back to build mode and pick up chest and put in bench.
        Mar 23, 2019
      2. Atheist Antichrist
        Atheist Antichrist
        Upgrade a small chest. Activate an empty small chest and you will see an up arrow toward the top right of the screen. You will see upgrade requirements when you do
        Apr 16, 2019
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    10. King-Ragnar
      Hows it going? experienced player looking for friends.
      1. RyusGirl024 likes this.
    11. Jayson
      Is it possible to get revenge raid everyday? Ididnt get any revenge raid today :/
    12. Grubbdizzle
      Been playing for around a month level 62 .... so I love the game and the idea but curious about we’re the development is going? Helicopters ATVs, metals, components repair tables ect ect?? I have read post from early 2018 that said these were being developed and would be coming soon? Now I start playing it a yr later and none of these things still exist??? Should we expect these things to actually happen?
    13. ImHiRu2
      Very active player would like to mod for you.
    14. Twiztidsyko
      Where do you find ash wood? And other metals
      1. JesterMind
        That's the sad part : you can't. Nobody can't.
        You can only find oak and copper once you reveal the map at the tower you can reach. You cannot build the ATV, nor the helicopter or the Zombie Car. Don't bother ! The game is only half available in reality.
        Ash, tungsten, titanuium is not available in game. Nor the ATV transmision.
        Mar 14, 2019
      2. JesterMind
        You can only make iron bars in advanced melting furnance and then metal plates. That's the only advanced metal you can aquire.
        I highly recommend using Recycler once you can build it.
        Mar 14, 2019
    15. Rodryan123
      Pls help me. Im just new player and 1st time to get raiders task. Kill witch soo hard to kill

      I dont have c4.

      Plss make it easy task
      1. JesterMind
        Don't bother killing her. Fighthing her in early stage of your progress is just suicide mission. You'll need serious items, medkits, the extra pocket and armor to fight her. Do something else and more productive.
        Have fun !
        Mar 13, 2019
    16. ¥JoKeR¥
      My Bunker Alfa 3rd floor is so very lag
      1. JesterMind
        On certain devices, the smoke in Floor 3 can be laggy due to demanding graphics.
        Mar 13, 2019
    17. Felix
      In bunker alpha level 4, how to you get past the hanging poison stickers?
      1. JesterMind
        run continously without stopping by hugging one of the walls. keep only one side to minimize damage taken and have bandages, medkits or carrot stew prepared to heal and voila
        Mar 13, 2019
    18. RoJah11
      Interested in helping out where I can. You'll see me post more often than not.
    19. Zombie Wench
      Zombie Wench
      So interested to help. Are you still looking? I love this site and the game!
    20. Fábio Luimbi
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