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Apr 6, 2020
Jul 21, 2017
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Congrats Z Killer for making mod! Mar 20, 2018

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Apr 6, 2020
    1. Martyn
      Hey can you help me?
    2. Stonecold
      I cleaned it out the same way as brove bunker. Enter the map.. shoot and run around the map ...until they are all dead
    3. Dragonfire
      So I finally was able to get my chopper, I load up my generator and go to the watchtower, place it and die from the hoard of zombies. Every time I tried to go back I die immediately. Any tips would be appreciated.
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      2. Тεгмιиυѕ
        watch some video's on tactics taking watchtower
        Oct 8, 2018
      3. ThatGinger
        You don't need to go back again, hopefully you didn't loose anything good.
        Oct 8, 2018
      4. Jville76
        Lots of health kids and good armor with the best melee weapon you can find
        Jan 25, 2019
    4. Hades#7551
      i just finalized lvl 1 radio tower. looking for friends. Hades #7551
      1. Ripam
        My ID: Ripam # 5918
        Oct 11, 2018
    5. Enes Akyüz
      Enes Akyüz
      I found a game error, I need to send a video.
    6. Gregory Magba
    7. Beth
      I am interested, ive had this game for about a year now. Recently set up a new game 3 days ago and am level 69. I play it every day!
    8. Waqas Ahmad
      Waqas Ahmad
      i am interested
    9. DarkGoddes
      Im intrested
    10. super
      Need to delete this account on this forum. Made it by mistake.
    11. Ali123893
    12. Gaurav
      I am in interested in any thing related to this game wohoo
    13. Henrique
      I change my phone to a Moto Z2, now my game is crashing, some times when enter an area, some times during gameplay.... Also happens sometimes when open a map the screen appears with lots of random pixels... Any Idea How to fix It?
      1. Amonsky
        Contact the LDOE support. They're quite fast (1-2 days of waiting only). Just make sure you explain it in detail and give em your player name and/or ID.
        Aug 23, 2018
    14. Rahul M K
    15. Jake
    16. AMAZINGMAN365
      Where can i find titanium ore
      1. luisoman2000
        Not in game yet.
        Aug 8, 2018
    17. Nsilag
      Hi so i died in a bunker and I don't want to lose my items and i read some articles that i should not press the "revive" button because you will be back at your base without anything -----
      1. Nsilag
        So what i did is i waited for 8 mins because it was said in the 'time alive' and i already waiting for 10 mins and nothing happened.
        Aug 7, 2018
      2. Nsilag
        I know when i died in a bunker i can recover them by just going in again. But i already died twice and i don't want to lose the items that were in the first corpse. I just want to know what should i do and also i want to understand what is the purpose of 'time alive' when you died. Thanks
        Aug 7, 2018
      3. HELENE
        it's time since you last died. which means, you were playing, died, played for 8 minutes, then died again (that's where the killed-screen appeared).

        you have to go back to get the items from your corpse.
        Aug 12, 2018
    18. Silas
      Hi so I had two dog guarding my base and I got back on the next day and there not there how do u get them back
    19. EvilDistress
      Hi NeoCHI, I started play Jurassic Survival Friday and there was a event where I had to do 3 tasks in Last Day on Earth. I've tried to go to the website to "Take Part" but it won't let me.
    20. Elpupinjo
      Btw your server is Down from yesterday
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