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Apr 6, 2020
Jul 21, 2017
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Congrats Z Killer for making mod! Mar 20, 2018

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Apr 6, 2020
    1. Elpupinjo
      Hi i Am Currently level 99 and i have reached this level (or maybe more) three times on iOS (Currently playing on this platform) and 1 time on android.
      As i can see there there Are lotus of buha on v1.9 and i would Like to help you sort it out.
      Also there is a lots of space for improvements as you already know
      Feel free to contact me!
    2. blight
      47 i'm up for a challenge. ya know where i go back to retrieve my stuff and its gone cause an air drop pops up but my stuff isn't where i left it only 15 seconds after i died
    3. Toadster
      Level 99, wpild love to help, have the summer off and the game is definitely in my itinerary. Just got the chopper skill today, mega happy.
    4. Lucianpetru22
      Lev 99 , chopper , acid bath , sector 7 , gunsmith bench , etc ... I know that game like my hand . I would like to help
    5. SanXGamer
      I'm a player since the game launched and I'm at level 99 now.I think there should be maximum mechanicks crafting numbers given in the blueprint so that players can understand how many times they can build and place the same mechanic in the base.
    6. The prince of all arabs
      The prince of all arabs
      Sign me up if or when you low on help
    7. Ms Mittens
      Ms Mittens
      Hi, I saw your message about joining a high ranking level of players.

      I’m currently lvl99 or atleast I have been for almost a year now.

      I’ve activated almost every aspect of the game that I’m aware of to this stage tho I’m still upgrading my walls

      Anyways I hope your interested and are open to letting me join :)
    8. Drop.Dead
      Hey, id be interested in helping,i recently restarted my LDOE
      1. Mason.Plate likes this.
    9. Carl Ashley
      Carl Ashley
      Hey guys,been playing this game for a while seem to be getting nowhere is it time to quit!!!!!
    10. Sheverlock
    11. Isabella
      Any clans,needing a new,member
      1. Carl Ashley
        Carl Ashley
        I'd love to join but can't get items to complete tower
        Jun 9, 2018
      2. Mason.Plate
        I thought clans weren't a thing yet
        Jun 22, 2018
    12. Austincev
      Hello. Austincev. I’m new to the forum but lots of good tips here. I play the game daily. Hours upon hours. And I’m happy to help in any way that I can
    13. Player8899
      Everybody I'm new to this site and I want to help this I grow how do I do that
    14. Chantell
      Hi I play this game all the time I would like to pay a contribute and help grow this site.
    15. Patrick nicholls
    16. Patrick nicholls
      Patrick nicholls
      I would like to be a game testers as I play this a lot thoughtout the day
      And I might stand a chance of getting all my equipment and money I've spent back on this game that I've lost cos of the glitches
    17. Patrick nicholls
      Patrick nicholls
      Also lost was my 34 red cards all my guns I reported this even sent pictures to the game company and like the last time this happened they haven't got bacck to me
      Who do I report this to
      I play crime city and modern war I'm in the top 1st factions in both them games I spend a lot of them
      But this company is uncaring and hasn't done anything to help
    18. Patrick nicholls
      Patrick nicholls
      I've had a problem with my game I completed bunker A level 2-3 then my game kicked me out when I reinstalled game I was bacck at my camp I lost all my equipment guns. Also when I went bacck to the bunker the yellow box and green box all the good equipment was gone
    19. Patrick nicholls
      Patrick nicholls
      Hi everyone I'm new to this forum
    20. Defiled Corpse
      Defiled Corpse
      I would be very interested in becoming a mod please
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