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Bike Upgrade System

Discussion in 'General' started by M.Brave, Oct 12, 2019 at 4:47 PM.

  1. M.Brave

    M.Brave New Member

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    So, how long (how many levels) has it taken you guys to get another bike slot using the new upgrade system? I only just started playing this game again at the start of season 2, and the bike changes were one if the most obvious alterations to the game since I left. I barely got any kind of compensation for the work I did on my bike prior, just a few levels and 1 bike magazine, so I imagine those who had maxed their bikes previously were pretty cheesed off! Not cool, kefir. That said, if I'm being objective, how ever annoying it is for preexisting players, I must admit the new system is probably better all around than the old one (other than the lack of compensation, the only thing that annoys me is that they removed the ability to paint the alternative bike models! also why does Jane no longer take wiring?). But right now it sucks, because I had 6 bike slots, and after feeding Jane all my extra junk over the last week and a half and getting my bike to level 16, I still haven't even regained a 3rd slot. (on the plus side, my fuel economy is now maxed out...) So I'm curious, am I unlucky, or are the odds really that low? how have you all fared? sorry if I'm rehashing anything!
  2. Ryan L

    Ryan L Active Member

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    It’s pretty annoying honestly. Luckily those who had it maxed already typically had a surplus of items to trade in from not having a use, or Atleast I did. I Definately wasn’t happy with how I was compensated.

    The upgrades are random for everyone so everyone has a different experience doing it. Some got their baggage maxed right away others it took a lot more.
  3. Corax

    Corax Active Member

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    1 level away (currently 39) from maxing the volume of the gas tank and I am done the rest is damage and durability which is useless to me

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