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Feature request: joystick remapping

Discussion in 'Bug Reports & Feature Requests' started by Sud, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Sud

    Sud New Member

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    Joystick Remapping

    One of the major selling points of the game for me was that it is joystick compatible. In a game like this I could not play as I have touch screen input.

    So I have a few of them but my current is a hulking bluetooth beast known as the steelseries stratus XL. It has the following interactible elements:
    • 4 direction D pad
    • Left analog stick, clickable
    • Right analog stick, clickable
    • Three center buttons < o > for android system elements.
    • x y a b buttons in the standard super nintendo cardinal format.
    • Left shoulder and right shoulder buttons at the top.
    • Left shoulder and right shoulder buttons below the prior, but the input for these are squeezable triggers, and their input is not a 0/1 state, it is measured analog as well for how hard you squeeze them. Probably for driving games.
    LDOE currently utilizes the following features:
    • So Left analog stick controls movement perfectly to the analog input.
    • X reacts to the environment (opening boxes, looting corpses, etc. - west button)
    • A attacks with your currently active weapon (south button)
    • Y button opens the crafting menu (north)
    • B cancels out of boxes and such (east)
    • Left bumper activates your primary skill (usually sneak)
    • Right bumper opens the store
    • On another joystick I had one of the bottom bumpers used to activate secondary skills (like auto mode or sprint or self healing) but I believe it doesn't work here due to those being analog buttons.
    So it would be amazing to be able to swap weapons, activate healing items, and possibly even be able to aim grenades with the second analog. Not to mention remapping the buttons.
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