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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Maledict, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Maledict

    Maledict Well-Known Member

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    Getting rich in Ldoe is easy! Things will hopefully change when pvp is released...
    Here is a guide that contains every step for getting rich in 1.5.10
    STEP 1: spawning events
    Atm u can spawn events check out on youtube jugando con fuerza. Here is the link:
    U won't have the time to do 4 events every day. But make sure to do the first air drop and the trader. Sometimes the trader has a bad offer. When u have plenty of guns it can be wise to skip bad offers. Suiciding for fast traveling can save a lot of energy. So just carry some berries and nearly broken weapon when u spawn events or u have a look what the dealer wants. U don't need more equipment as defense.
    Step 2 farming greens:
    Building up ur base requires a lot of stone and wood. U find enough in the green zones. The stone location is the better place to go because u will need much more stone than wood and u will find iron there too. A good ratio for the green stone and wood location is 4:1. only go to wood when u are low on it. Otherwise do stone.
    I prefer doing greens that way: first i kill all the zombies and deers and loot everything they drop. Then i check all the chests. i store everything in one chest i find fast except some heal and the animal skin. Then i use auto. In stone i craft one hatchet an 3 pickaxes, in wood 3 hatchets and one pickaxe. That way i will take every ressource. In the end i return to the chest i stored the stuff. In most cases u won't be able to take everything with u. So u have to consider what to take and what to leave behind. So always have in mind what ur storage at home looks like.
    U can do greens completly naked. Everything u need can be found there: wood for a spear and berries for heal. but this will take some time because u have to find these things before u start killing the zombies. To save the precious time i would always take a spear and some berries with me. Doing greens low equipped requires a bit practice and concentration. It is easier when u wear tier 1 armor and a makeshift bat or an crowbar (or another weapon that kills roaming zombies in one hit). I prefer the crowbar atm because i think its easier to get iron and leather is more common than duct tape. U can mix these options and use a spear for roaming zombies/deers/wolves and the stronger weapon for fast biter.
    Doing this u will get the most common ressources u need: wood, stone, iron, food, fiber plant; sometimes weapons, duct tape, rubber parts, screws, scrap metal...and there is not much risk doing it. And more important: the outcome is always higher than your investment
    Step 3 farming chests:
    Lately i noticed that i don't use all of my energy. So i started to do chest runs. I start with green, go to yellow, back to green and home. That way u will find a lot of uncraftable stuff. U can collect a lot of leather when u hunt most of the deers and wolves too. In yellow u have to be a bit more careful because of spitters and ai. I use a spear and a crowbar. As heal i take the berries and the meat i find.
    Step 4 farming red zones:
    First at all: u don't have to do reds for getting rich! Going to red zones needs practice and concentration. There are a lot of spitters, toxic abominations, fast biters, stronger wolves. Sometimes u have bad luck and u have to flee because of tbo and u did waste energy. Or even worse: mr vss vintorez steps by and kills u when u are looting a chest and don't have the chance to react. The only reasons to do reds: red coupons and Bauxite+ a lot of iron in a short time, (the loot from the chests). Everything else can be farmed in green and yellow without that much risk. Three crowbars, a stack of carrots and tier one armor is enough for the zombies when u fight them one on one. U don't want to waste time there for crafting, so bring some pickaxes with u. Stick to the outside and pull single zombies.
    Step 5 do the bunker whenever it is possible:
    A full guide for the bunker would take to much space. So just some words - U can do the bunker with melee weapons and bows. U need some food and tactical armor, so that u are not a one hit for the giants. This will take some time. Doing the bunker will get easier for u with every run because it is always the same. I only use a glock after a death for getting my stuff back. For further informations like the elevator trick, in which order u should kill zombies, which weapon to use for which zombies, glitches, etc. Just check out youtubers.
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  2. ucan

    ucan Well-Known Member

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    I have done like what u said , thanks XD
  3. ●●GOHAN●●

    ●●GOHAN●● Member

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    In the red zone, you can also obtain oak from the oak trees. I found that I started needing oak planks more and more so I started making more trips to the red forest.
    Some say you may not need it at this point but if I don't start doing different things, then this will become too repetitive just doing the same thing. Plus, I need to get my lvl 3 walls up! :)

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