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How to Link Your Account - Guide & Tips

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Events' started by Rowdy1418, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Rowdy1418

    Rowdy1418 Well-Known Member

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    The wrong side of the tracks.
    Hello survivors! Since cases of losing accounts became more frequent we’ve prepared a guideline with few tips for you. Please keep this info and share it with other players.

    1. Make sure to agree to connect the game to Google Play/Game Center when you launch the app for the very first time.

    2. Check if your account is connected in the Setting section. There should be only the Disconnect button.

    3. If your account is still not linked, you need to connect it in the Settings menu. Just open the menu, tap the Connect button and choose the account you need in Google Play/Game Center.

    4. If all steps above don’t work, please, contact our tech support team at kefirgames.helpshift.com

    5. Open Settings and tap on the server’s name so you could see your User ID. Make a screenshot and keep it in some safe place. We hope you won’t need it but in case something terrible happens, you will be able to use your old ID for contacting the tech support team.

    6. DON’T REINSTALL THE GAME, IF THERE IS NO NEED IN IT! Reinstalling the game too frequently may result in progress loss issues.

    7. Some players experience problems with entering the game right after the update is released. Just wait for a while - usually these issues are resolved within a short period of time.

    8. Don’t hurry to follow advices from other players. All situations are different and a solution for one player can completely ruin your account.

    9. Cheats, hacks and mods will help you to lose your account sooner or later.

    10. And the final one - never tell your login and password to anyone. There is only one person who needs it - yourself.
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