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ransomware information for all

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mastemasmistress, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. mastemasmistress

    mastemasmistress Member

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    gamma quadrant sector 4
    hello all, So we all know that ransomware is running amuck this ransomware is dangerous,and there is not encryption key for it and it WILL lock down you computer,encrypt all you pictures,personal files, it WILL copy your email and passwords so this is how I fixed it.. my pc was infected with the unlocksupp@airmail.cc ransomware, I was running windows 8.1 when I got infected with it.I ran spyware hunter,malwarebytes. easus data recovery, to get the files I needed for a later date to decrypt the files I needed to keep,however I could not get my setting back properly, so,...turns out that when win 10 first came out, I had tried it, then rolled back, because I did try it ,i was able to reinstal full version again, which is what I did, didnt keep anything, but it did keep the file for windows.old...but evverything was reset, and it is now gone after I deleted the windows.old folder,...so I saved my computer and I saved all my encrypted files for later to decrypt.THERE IS NO DECRYPTION KEY FOR IT,..and if you let it go to long, more than a day, it will lock down everything to you , eventually not letting you on it,just a heads up on how I fixed it.

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