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Welcome esteemed guests!! <Forum rules> MUST READ

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ishtvaan, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Ishtvaan

    Ishtvaan Moderator Staff Member

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    Ishtvaan / Ishtvaan#6840
    Welcome guests!!
    We, the staff here at The Last Day on Earth Forum, would like to welcome you and encourage you to have a good look around. You're sure to find a ton of helpful information as well as interesting conversations, debates and a ton of helpful, friendly people. If you like what you see we would encourage you to register and become a part of the community!

    IMPORTANT: This is a player run forum. We are totally independent from Kefir, who develop the game. We are neither responsible for actual bugs, nor can we restore your account. Please contact support@kefirgames.com or visit https://kefirgames.helpshift.com/a/last-day-on-earth/ in this case.

    Forum Rules
    • All posts should be related to the game in some way other than those posted in the "Off Topic" section. Questions seeking help with technical issues, in-game support, or FAQs should go in the FAQs Thread.

    • When submitting new articles, you must post the original source of the information.

    • Keep the video posts to one per day. If you have multiple videos, make a playlist to link to. Links to YouTube videos/channels with no accompanying text will be removed to avoid filling the board with what essentially amounts to ads. You must post the original source/creator of the video below the video if you are not the original owner of the video or it will be removed due to copyright infringement concerns.

    • No personal attacks. Disagree with the view, not the author. There will be no tolerance for content that attacks the person, such as name-calling.

    • Any racist, hateful, sexist, or any other post deemed inappropriate to the mod will result in deletion as well as warning points or instant ban at the moderators descretion.

    • Cursing is not permitted. We have members of all ages to include children.

    • No soliciting of any sort. This includes attempts to sell accounts.

    • Any threads/posts that link to or provide examples of hacks, macros, piracy, or apks will be deleted and the posters will be banned without warning.
    • Any threads/posts containing links or in any way directs members to a different site is considered SPAM/Advertising and is not allowed.

    • Memes are permitted, but please do not oversaturate the sub with them or they will be removed.

    • No inappropriate or lewd posts/comments.
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